Can I Buy A 10.5 Inch Upper In CA?

What is the shortest barrel allowed on an AR 15 in California?

16 inchesCalifornia Penal Code 17170 PC defines a “short-barreled rifle” as a rifle having either: A barrel or barrels of less than 16 inches in length; or, An overall length of less than 26 inches..

Can complete uppers be shipped to California?

They also won’t ship any muzzle devices to CA. You’re better off sourcing it elsewhere, plus you won’t have suffer their ridiculously slow free shipping. This exact thing just happened to me except mine was a complete upper with 18” barrel.

It’s Disneyland for gun owners. And also, about the 10.5 inch barrel, you can technically purchase a 10.5 inch complete upper, but it’s illegal to mount it to a lower receiver. … You can’t be in possession of a upper less than 16 inches unless you own a registered sbr or m16 or a lower registered as a pistol.

Yes! California does have certain stipulations that other states don’t have (as usual), but it is 100% legal for you to purchase, complete, and own an 80% firearm in the Golden State.

What shotguns are illegal in California?

Illegal Shotgun Configurations Any shotgun which is federally illegal (full auto, etc) is also illegal in California. The state also has its own definition of short barrelled shotgun, which is illegal, as well as assault shotguns, which are also illegal.

Example of Mossberg 500, 12 gauge, California legal, 18.5″ barrel length, with pistol grip. … Firearms Barrel Length and Overall Length – Know the Law.

Can I buy a short barrel upper in California?

It’s legal to ship pistol length uppers to California, you’ll notice the disclaimer that “all NFA rules apply”. Personally I built my own pistol upper because most of the guys who ship to Cali are back ordered. I would check the CG marketplace for pistol uppers also.

Can I buy an upper receiver in California?

Any part other than a lower receiver can legally ship anywhere……it is up to the buyer to comply with local laws, i.e. do not put a pistol upper on a rifle receiver, a forward grip on an AR pistol in Cali, etc. In fact, you can order any upper parts from major manufacturers and have them ship to your own address.

Your AR-15 barrel must be at least 16 inches in length to be considered legal by the ATF. Anything shorter than that, and you will have to get an SBR tax stamp from them. However, as we mentioned in this article, there are a couple of workarounds you could pursue to avoid having to get the tax stamp.