Does Luke Ever Find Out Jessica Killed His Wife?

Do Jessica and Luke end up together?

Luke and Jessica got together in the comics too but to a much greater extent.

Not only does she marry Luke Cage, but the two of them also join the New Avengers..

What did Jessica do to Luke?

Luke & Jessica Have History It turns out, this isn’t for her practice, it’s personal. Under the abuse and manipulation of Kilgrave (who can control minds in a terrifying way), Jessica killed Luke’s wife, Reva Connors. Eventually, Luke and Jessica develop a relationship and bond over their shared powers.

Who is stronger Luke or Jessica?

tl;dr: Jessica is consistently shown to be stronger than Luke Cage. Daredevil, alias Matt Murdock, is strong, athletic, and agile. He also trained to fight with the help of Stick. He is definitely stronger than an average man but he is not seen as being beyond human limits.

Why was Jessica Jones spying on Luke Cage?

Later on, Jessica began spying on Luke because of what she did to Reva. One day Luke caught her spying and they got to talking about their abilities and pasts, though Jessica conveniently left out the part where she killed his wife. Eventually, one thing led to another and Jessica and Luke started hooking up.

Who killed Diamondback?

Black RacerDuring the ensuing battle, Black Racer stabs Diamondback in the gut. After Captain America defeats the three villains, he rushed to Diamondback’s aid.

What is Luke Cage’s weakness?

In the MCU: During the Jessica Jones series, after taking a shotgun blast at point blank range, Cage suffered a brain injury requiring medical attention. To reduce cranial pressure he has to have spinal fluid drained through his sinus cavity behind his eye.

Do Claire and Luke get back together?

Claire and Luke still love each other, but this fight and Luke’s choices might be the end of the couple — and the end of Dawson in the Netflix Marvel shows. As ScreenGeek reported in May 2018, Dawson said at MCM Comic Con in London that she might be finished with the Netflix Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Does Luke Cage ever forgive Jessica Jones?

Luke appeared to forgive Jessica, but was in fact being controlled by Kilgrave himself, and Jessica ended up having to shoot Luke in the head. She sadly told an unconscious Luke “You were the first person I ever imagined a future with,” before he woke up and went AWOL.

Who is Luke Cage’s arch enemy?

DiamondbackDiamondback (Willis Stryker) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is primarily an enemy of Luke Cage and is notable for being the first major supervillain that he faced.

Does Luke Cage marry Jessica Jones?

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are married in New Avengers Annual Vol. 1 #1. … Jessica kept her maiden name, but did go by Power Woman for a short while to honor her husband. Other than a short separation because Jessica was trying to protect Luke and Danielle, the couple has remained married.

Who does Luke Cage marry?

Jessica JonesIn issue #50, Cage teams up with fellow superhero Iron Fist as part of a crime-fighting duo in the renamed title, Power Man and Iron Fist. He later marries the super-powered private investigator Jessica Jones, with whom he has a daughter.

Is Luke Cage stronger than Hulk?

The longer the fight goes on, the more the hulk has the advantage. Hulk’s durability and strength are infinite and the more he fights the more these two things goes up. … Again 5 to 10 minutes max, hulk is simply is far stronger and durable than luke cage.

Did Jessica Jones kill Luke Cage’s wife?

Luke Cage’s Late Wife, Reva Reva didn’t live long, though. She was killed by Jessica Jones, following the orders from Kilgrave. While at first this seems like a random murder on Kilgrave’s part, by the end of Season 1, Cage has discovered Reva knew more about the experiments that were done at Seagate than he realized.

Why does Stryker hate Luke Cage?

Willis Stryker is the half-brother of Luke Cage who became angered by their father’s treatment of him and had eventually became a criminal under the alias of Diamondback.

Can Jessica Jones get drunk?

Jessica Jones drinks pretty much whenever she feels like it. Like her fellow heroes Iron Man, Wolverine, and Captain Marvel, you’ll rarely find her sober. Because of her frequent drinking, she’s built up an impressive tolerance, but that doesn’t mean she’s immune to its effects.