How Do You Get On Top Of The Lakeside Lab?

Where is Mei Botw?

Lake HyliaYou’ll find Mei on a island in Lake Hylia just east of Hylia Island way, way, way downstream from Zora’s Domain.

The fastest way to get there is to fast travel to Ya Naga shrine.

Hop over to the tiny island immediately to the east, and Mei will walk out of the water to greet you..

Why is there a shark in Ocarina of Time?

In the original game, the shark appears to be just a stock image of some sort. There’s no real rhyme or reason to why it’s there: It’s just a fun thing that probably scared the daylights out of young players who stumbled upon it — though how could it with that big grin?

What do you do in hylia Ocarina of Time?

Lake Hylia is home to the Water Temple. To enter the temple you must have Iron Boots, and the Hookshot.

Do you need fire arrows beat Ocarina time?

In Ocarina of Time, the Fire Arrows are obtained in Lake Hylia as an adult. … They are not necessary for completion of the game, as a combination of Din’s Fire and shooting an Arrow through an already lit Torch can be used to clear puzzles involving the Fire Arrows.

How do you catch the biggest fish in Ocarina of Time?

The best way to catch the largest fish, either as a child or as an adult, is once you walk into the pond, walk to the left around the pond and then carefully make your way so you are standing on top of the arched log near the center of the pond.

How do you get the golden scale?

The Golden Scale is rewarded by the owner of the Fishing Pond. It can be obtained after catching a 13-pound fish or bigger. After getting said item, Link can then proceed to the Lakeside Laboratory and do a small side quest for the Lake Scientist.

How do you get Epona in Ocarina of Time?

You need to be an adult to be able to ride Epona. She can be recruited as soon as you first leave the Temple of Time as an adult. Step 1: As child Link, after you meet with Princess Zelda, Malon will appear in the middle of the corral in Lon Lon Ranch. Talk to her three times, and then pull out your Ocarina.

How do you dive deeper in Ocarina of Time?

At the top of the waterfall in Zora’s Domain, there is a Zora who will give you a minigame. Complete the minigame, your prize is a Silver Scale. It lets you dive deeper.

How do you fill the lake in Ocarina of Time?

There is a stone tablet that reads:“When water fills the lake, shoot for the morning light”. Now either wait until the morning, or play the Sun’s Song. Aim your bow at the horizon, and shoot an arrow at the rising sun.

Is it possible to get stuck in the Water Temple?

TL;DR: It is absolutely impossible to become stuck in Ocarina of Time’s Water Temple.

Do you need the golden scale in Ocarina of Time?

The Golden Scale is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. … The Golden Scale is not needed to complete the game. Link is given the Golden Scale by the owner of the Lake Hylia Fishing Pond as a prize for catching a 14 pound (6 kg) fish or bigger. Normally, this can only be done when Link is an adult.

How do I get the hookshot in Ocarina of Time?

Go to the Kakariko Village Graveyard and find a grave with flowers in front of it on the left side of the graveyard. Pull it back and you’ll find a hole in the ground which you can jump into. Follow the gravekeeper’s ghost until he leads you to the hookshot. Tada, you have a hookshot.