Question: How Can I Make A Logo Legally?

Trademark Application Process:Complete a trademark search.Secure your rights.Submit an initial application at on the Trademark Electronic Application System or TEAS.Fill out the TEAS form for an initial application.

Be sure to upload the file of your logo.Submit an “intent-to-use” form.

Pay the fees..

The simple answer: Logos are not copyrighted, they are actually trademarked. Whether or not legal action is taken for replicating a trademarked logo is fully up to the company or entity that owns the trademark. A company still has legal rights to their logo even if it’s not trademarked.

Which One Should I Trademark? It depends. Higher value tends to lie in name recognition rather than familiarity of a logo. Since logos change more often than names, it usually makes more sense to register a standard character mark to protect the business moniker itself.

To be official, a Trademark needs to be registered with IP Australia. You can Trademark your business name, your company name, your product or service brand name. In addition, you can also protect your logo and tagline as part of your Trademark registration.

Create a Logo in SecondsEnter a business name & describe your company.Describe your style via icons, fonts, and colors.Our AI logo builder will create some logos according to your selected style.Choose a logo and customize it to make it perfect.Download your logo for free or purchase the high-resolution version.

How do I register a logo with my name?

Here’s how you can apply for trademark:Decide on your unique brand name and logo. … Conduct an online search. … Fill-in the trademark application. … Filing for the brand name registration application. … Scrutinizing of your brand name registration application. … Publication in Indian Trade Mark Journals.More items…

Before trademarking your name or logo, you need to conduct a trademark search to make sure no one else is already using a similar one. You can do so with the help of a tool called Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS), which you can find on the official website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

How to Register a logo?Step 1: Choose a unique logo.Step 2: Apply for your logo registration at the earliest.Step 3- Examination of trademark application.Step 4- Show Cause Hearing.Step 5-Publication of Mark in Trademark Journal.Trademark registration & certification.