Question: Is JK Rowling An Infj?

What personality type is JK Rowling?


Rowling Though it’s difficult to type strangers, J.K Rowling made the task easier by confirming she is an INFJ in Tweets from 2015 and 2016..

Is Taylor Swift an Infj?

Taylor Swift is clearly a creative, emotionally sensitive musician, and definitely has that people-pleasing quality that INFJs are known for. She’s also a perfectionist when it comes to her music, and, based off her lyrics, probably gets lost from time to time in the little details of life.

Are INFJs good writers?

INFJs are often natural writers. We not only have the empathy to understand others, but as Introverts, we enjoy working alone. For many people, the solitude necessary for writing is the hardest part, but for INFJs, it often feels like a sanctuary.

Is Dumbledore an Infj?

Dumbledore is definitely the INFJ and an archetype at that. … The Ni (Introverted Intuition) of an INFJ is what they lead with and with their Fe (Extroverted Feeling) being the driving force behind it, this can make for a pretty conflicted individual.

Are INFJs crazy?

INFJs do find themselves being called weird or strange fairly often, even from a young age. … Being such a rare personality type can make it difficult at times, causing the INFJ to feel alienated and like they just cannot connect with most people in the way they want to.

What Harry Potter House is Infj?

GryffindorThe INFJ in Gryffindor is kind, quiet, and studious, someone that no one would expect to be in this House, but they have a quiet courage. They are friendly with everyone.