Question: Should I Use Margin Or Padding?

Can padding have negative values?

Unlike margin properties, values for padding values cannot be negative.

Like margin properties, percentage values for padding properties refer to the width of the generated box’s containing block.

(I know that negative margins are used by some “stylists” and are officially allowed.).

What is negative padding?

Element with negative padding would be like something with an inside-out lining. Imagine that setting negative padding values is possible. When padding value is set to zero, the border edge is the same as the content edge. When we set it negative, then border will overlap the content.

What is image padding?

Padding is the space between an image or cell contents and its outside border. In the image below, the padding is the yellow area around the content. In this case, padding goes completely around the contents: top, bottom, right, and left sides.

How do you do padding for all sides?

The padding property may be specified using one, two, three, or four values. Each value is a or a ….SyntaxWhen one value is specified, it applies the same padding to all four sides.When two values are specified, the first padding applies to the top and bottom, the second to the left and right.More items…•

What is padding margin?

margin and padding are the two most commonly used properties for spacing-out elements. A margin is the space outside something, whereas padding is the space inside something.

Is using negative margins bad practice?

No; it’s not bad practice, so long as you’re aware of the fact you’re using negative margins, and that this necessarily ‘pulls’/’moves’ elements from their otherwise-‘normal’ position.

How do I change the color of my padding?

To add color to CSS padding, you can use the background-clip property and the box-shadow property. The background-clip function allows you to define how far the background extends into the element. It’s possible to set the color so that the background extends to the outer edge of the border.

What is the difference between padding and margin in Android?

Be it web development or Android development, margin and padding is standard parameters to position and style User interface elements. Both provides extra space/gap inside or outside the container. … In simple words, margin means to push outside, whereas padding means to push inside.

Whats the difference between margin and padding?

What’s the Difference Between Margin and Padding in CSS? Basically, a margin is the space around an element and padding refers to the space between an element and the content inside it. The margin falls outside two adjacent elements.

What is the padding?

Padding is the space that’s inside the element between the element and the border. Padding goes around all four sides of the content and you can target and change the padding for each side (just like a margin).

What are the 4 areas of the box model?

Every box is composed of four parts (or areas), defined by their respective edges: the content edge, padding edge, border edge, and margin edge.

What is the use of padding?

The CSS padding properties are used to generate space around an element’s content, inside of any defined borders. With CSS, you have full control over the padding. There are properties for setting the padding for each side of an element (top, right, bottom, and left).

Can you use negative values for padding and margins?

Certainly you can use padding in menus but there really isn’t any such thing as ‘negative’ padding. You could use negative margins but there generally isn’t really a good reason to. Properly structured HTML and logical CSS will accomplish your design without using any odd ‘clever’ hacks. Negative padding: absolute NO.

What is the use of padding and margin in CSS?

Margin is used to create space around element and padding is used to create space around element inside the border.

How is padding calculated?

TL;DR. This means the padding is calculated according to the parent element width (it’s worth to note that in non flexbox layouts, padding top and bottom are also relative to the width of the containing block).