Question: What Can You Unlock In Mario Kart DS?

How do you unlock Funky Kong?

AnswersSometimes you have to exit the game and then reselect your license for the screen to come up that you have unlocked Funky Kong.

Time Trial: Unlock 4 Expert Staff Ghosts or, Win 25 WFC Ghost Races or, Play 2,250 games.More items….

How do you get better at Mario Kart DS?

To choose from 7 karts for each character, get a gold trophy on every cup on the Nitro Grand Prix on 150cc. To get 150cc mirror mode, get a gold trophy for every cup in the Retro Grand Prix in 150cc. To unlock R.O.B. as a racer, get a gold trophy on all cups in either Mirror Mode Grand Prix (Nitro/Retro).

What does Mario say in Mario Kart DS?

Here we go!In the Nintendo logo, Mario says “Yahoo!”, on the original Nintendo DS, and he says “Here we go!”, on Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL, and any Nintendo 3DS systems. This is the first game to take note of gaps in the course when it comes to the course map. Previous games such as Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

How do you unlock Rob?

R.O.B. can be unlocked through various means, both by playing Classic Mode, Vs. Smash Matches, and he can be unlocked in the World of Light Adventure Mode. Classic Mode: Beat Classic Mode 3 times as Pikachu or anyone he unlocks to get R.O.B.

Can you trick in Mario Kart DS?

To execute the first trick, you must have a mushroom and a kart that has a high acceleration and a good drift.

How do you get mirror mode on Mario Kart DS?

In DS, players unlock Mirror Mode (known as “150cc Mirror”) by getting getting 1st place in the 150cc Lightning Cup. In Wii, players unlock Mirror Mode by getting gold trophies in all 150cc cups.

How do you drift in Mario Kart DS?

Drifting allows you to take corners without decreasing your speed. Press and hold at just the right moment! While holding , press and hold as you enter the curve and then just steer your way through.

How do you unlock Dry Bowser?

To unlock Dry Bowser in Mario Kart Wii, you’ll need to get a 1-Star or better rating on all 150cc Grand Prix cups. Star ratings are determined by a hidden point system that rates your driving, but generally the better you race the more Stars you will earn.

How do you unlock Baby Daisy?

Baby Daisy on her Cheep Charger. The first Mario Kart game Baby Daisy appeared in was Mario Kart Wii. In it, she is a light-weight that can be unlocked by getting at least one Star Rank in 50cc Wii Grand Prix Cups, or playing 1,950 races. In Daisy Circuit, she and Baby Luigi have a statue.

Why is Funky Kong so fast?

User Info: Jahordon. Funky Kong is fast because he has a bandanna and sunglasses.

Is Waluigi in Mario Kart DS?

Waluigi is the only racer in the entire series to be listed under all three primary weights: he is listed as a lightweight in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, a middleweight in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Mario Kart DS, and a heavyweight in Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8.

How many characters can you unlock in Mario Kart DS?

Mario Kart DS is a racing game in which the player races in a kart against other racers as one of twelve characters from the Mario series. These characters are Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario, and Bowser, with unlockable characters being Daisy, Dry Bones, Waluigi and R.O.B.

What is the highest rank in Mario Kart DS?

The player earns them for Grand Prix and Mission Mode. There are three variations of star ranks. There’s 1-star rank, 2-star rank, and 3-star rank, 3-star being the hardest to earn. To get the 1-star rank, the player needs to get 36 points or higher (54 or higher in later games).

Why is Funky Kong so good?

Funky Kong is widely used among competitive players in Mario Kart Wii due to his very high-speed stat.

How do you unlock everything on Mario Kart DS?

Unlockable kartseditEarn a third kart for each character by placing first overall in the 100cc Nitro Grand Prix.Earn four additional karts for each character by placing first overall in the 150cc Retro Grand Prix.Unlock all karts for all characters by placing first overall in the 150cc mirror Retro Grand Prix.

How do you unlock Rob on Mario Kart DS?

Placing a gyro on the red tray lowers the red GATES; placing a gyro on the blue tray lowers the blue GATES. R.O.B. is also the last unlockable character in Mario Kart DS. To unlock R.O.B., players have to win the Mirror Special Cup. In the game, he is one of the heaviest characters, his weight matched only by Bowser.

Who is the fastest character in Mario Kart DS?

Dry Bones is the lightest character and as such is the preferred choice, his speed offroad is the fastest.

How do you snake on Mario Kart DS?

Learn to use mini-turbos on straight tracks. Do a mini turbo just as you would on a turn. Then once it has been completed, let go of R and quickly steer your car towards the opposite way you were drifting, and hold down R again and do another mini-turbo. If you’ve done this, you’re snaking!

How do you unlock Baby Luigi?

StepsStart the Time Trials. … Choose any character. … Choose any course. … Select the Staff Ghost data. … Race the ghost. … Once you unlock the eighth ghost, you have to go back to the Select Player menu first before Baby Luigi is unlocked! … Choose the player profile that you used for the Time Trial races.

Is Funky Kong the fastest?

In Mario Kart Wii, Funky Kong is an unlockable playable heavyweight character. … He is one of the best and fastest characters in the game. The Jetsetter and the Spear, his vehicles, are the fastest kart and bike in the game.

Is Rob top tier?

Rob is an amazing character. If you average out every professional players 5.0 tier list, Rob comes in at about #18. The real reason why he’s not top tier is because there are 17 other characters that are just better, or at least perceived to be.