Question: What Is Alex Mercer Weakness?

Is Alex Mercer good or bad?

Alex Mercer is the main protagonist villain of the 2009 video game Prototype and later the main antagonist of the 2012 sequel Prototype 2.

Initially being an anti-heroic main protagonist who gained his powers from an experimental bioweapon after he died as a human..

Will there be a prototype 3?

Prototype 3: PS4 and other platforms According to some resources, prototype 3 date release will be in 2021. Insiders say that the reason for the third part’s release postponement is several launches of the development process from the very start.

Does Alex Mercer age?

Alex Mercer is the main protagonist of the ‘Prototype’ series….Alex Mercer.Alexander J. MercerAge29BirthdayUnknownSexMaleHeight5’105 more rows

Who voices Alex Mercer?

Barry PepperAlex Mercer/Voices

Is the Blacklight virus possible?

The full capabilities of the Blacklight virus were unknown, even to the scientists who synthesized it. Mercer attempting to kill James Heller by manipulating the virus within him. Thankfully, the Blacklight virus is incapable of crossing large water bodies, leaving it stranded on Manhattan Island.

Why is Alex Mercer called Zeus?

User Info: Skynet82997. Yea – it’s just the codename the military assigned him – but it’s cool. Zeus – God.

Can Alex Mercer die?

He can be consumed, but he can’t die. He’s still in there, somewhere, a part of Heller’s body. And considering how freaking powerful Alex is, he’s probably a huge part of Heller’s body, making it far easier for him to be able to retake it than any normal human or Evolved.

Is Alex Mercer immortal?

Mercer is also of this earth and Carnage can body snatch him. This body snatching is one of the most forgotten aspects of symbiotes. … This is a stalemate even though Carnage is far more powerful than Alex Mercer but Alex Mercer’s immortality makes him near impossible to kill since he’s already dead.

How fast can Alex Mercer run?

roughly 180 MphApply math and you get a speed of 178.6 Mph/287.4 Kph for Alex’s speed. So his top speed is roughly 180 Mph. So he is close to the top speed of the Apache Helicopters he alludes capture from all the time.

How did Alex Mercer die?

In the event he was caught, Mercer had brought insurance—he had smuggled a vial of the Blacklight virus out of quarantine and taken it with him. … As he fell, he collapsed onto the viral sample, becoming infected as he died. His body was taken back to Gentek in a body bag.

Will Alex Mercer return in prototype 3?

Prototype 3 Can Be Played by Mercer. If The Developer shows Mercer has been absorbed Heller and from inside the Alex absorbed the soldier this time alex has more power to show.

Is Prototype 1 or 2 better?

They’re both definitely fun games, but the sequel is definitely better than the first in almost every way (graphics, variety, amount of content). Some argue that the first had a better story and that Alex was a more interesting protagonist, though – but overall the second one wins hands down.