Quick Answer: How Do You Say Father Older Brother In Punjabi?

What word do we use for husband in Punjabi?

Meaning of word husband in PunjabiEnglishhusbandEnglishhusbandPunjabiکھسم/گھروالاEnglishhusbandPunjabiگھر والا/سردا سائیں5 more rows•Aug 17, 2019.

What do you call your dad’s brother in Punjabi?

Mother/Mom – Mata ji. Dad’s father – Dada ji. Mom’s father – Nana ji. Dad’s older brother – Taya ji. Dad’s older brother’s wife – Tayi ji.

What does 22 mean in Punjabi?

The number 22 in Punjabi directly translates into Bhai. Adding a G to the end of that literally translates into Bhai G which in turn means dude or guy or bro in English.

What does Papa ji mean?

papaji (plural papajis) (India) papa, father (as a respectful term of address)

Does Didi mean sister?

Didi means elder sister. … As an older sister from an Indian household, I’m familiar with the term, but it only felt like another word to say.

What is Dadi called in Urdu?

The Urdu Word دادی Meaning in English is Nan. The other similar words are Nani, Dadi, Ammi Ki Ammi and Abbu Ki Ammi.

What does Panji mean in Punjabi?

elder brotherAs some of us are probably aware, paaji loosely means ‘elder brother’ in Punjab; it could also be used to address a friend or a neighbour.

What do u call father’s brother?

uncleYour uncle can be: -Your father’s brother -Your mother’s brother -Your father’s sister’s husband -Your mother’s sister’s husband In English, when we use words like “aunt”, “uncle”, “grandmother”, “grandfather”, or “cousin”, we could mean our mother’s side of the family or our father’s side of the family.

What do we call my father’s elder brother?

uncleMost English speakers use “uncle” for any of four relationships: father’s brother, mother’s brother, father’s sister’s husband, or mother’s sister’s husband.

What do u call your father’s elder brother?

Aunts and unclesEditRelation in EnglishRelation in HindiFather’s younger brother (uncle)चाचा, काका or छोटे पापाFather’s younger brother’s wife (aunt)चाची, काकी or छोटी मम्मीFather’s elder brother’s (Uncle)ताया, ताऊ or बड़े पापाFather’s elder brother’s wife (Aunt)ताई or बड़ी मम्मी8 more rows

What does VOTI mean in Punjabi?

The correct word for wife in Punjabi is “Zannani” “Vohti” and “nauh” irrespective of what people claim to use due to them behind influenced by Hindi. zananni and vohti means wife and can be used in first person like my wife or third person like your wife.

How do you call your father’s elder brother in English?

Your father’s elder brother is your uncle.

What do we call Didi in Punjabi?

Didi means elder sister. Sister is referred as behen or bhen( or बहेन or भैण), also culturally Punjabi add customary ‘jee’ while referring to the elders and seniors. So the punjabi term for elder sister is: Behen jee.

What does Bhaji mean in Punjabi?

elder brotherPosted: 9 years ago. It is due to the pronuncitaion that the word “bhaaji” which means elder brother in punjabi is often pronounced as “paaji” by hindi speaking people. When the punjabi letter “bh” is pronounced, it is pronounced with a deeper sound which is something in between p and bh sounds.

What does Veerji mean?

elder brotherVeer ji is mostly used in punjabi. It’s a punjabi word which means Brother in Hindi. Veerji is an elder brother. … Sometimes if we don’t know anyone but still want to respect him we can use the word Veerji . It’s a polite way of calling someone or to show respect to him.

What does Sira mean in Punjabi?

What does Sira mean in Punjabi? ‘sirra’ in Punjabi is actual meaning of English word ‘end’ and in Punjabi it is mainly used as a humorous word like ‘tu ta sirra e aa’ means ‘u r the end & everything is below ur work’ etc.

What does Didi mean in Japanese?

Didi in Kanji (pronounced in Japanese: di-di) 出衣出衣 i: 衣 (garment, clothing) 依 (reliable) 生 (life)

How do you say sister in British?

Below is the UK transcription for ‘sister’:Modern IPA: sɪ́sdəTraditional IPA: ˈsɪstə2 syllables: “SIST” + “uh”

What do you call your mom’s brother in Punjabi?

My Father’s Sister – Bhua. My Father’s Sister’s Husband – Phupher. My Mother’s Brother – Mama. My Mother’s Brother’s Wife – Mami. My Mother’s Sister – Masi.

How do you say brother in Sikhism?

There are some most commonly used Punjabi words for brother are “Veer ji and Paaji”. In some pure punjabi areas, people used to say, “Baai ji”. Brother in punjabi called veere,veer or bhra and bhai .

What is Taya ji called in English?

The Urdu Word تایا Meaning in English is Uncles. The other similar words are Baap Ya Maan Ka Bhai, Mamu, Chacha, Taya and Khalu. The synonyms of Uncles include are Beau, Boyfriend, Brother, Father, Fellow, Gentleman, Grandfather, Guy, He, Husband, Nephew, Papa, Sir, Son, Spouse, Swain and Uncle.