What Should I Look For In Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Which blue light glasses actually work?

Best Overall: GAMMA RAY Anti UV Glare Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses.

Best Style: Felix Gray Turing Glasses.

Best Budget: Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses.

Best for Gaming: Cyxus Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses.

Best for Daytime: J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Glasses.More items…•.

Is it OK to wear blue light glasses outside?

While you can technically wear blue light blocking glasses outside, some people do notice that the glasses can have more glare when worn outdoors under bright sunlight. … While its best to find other eye protection from the sun to protect your eyes outside, blue light blocking glasses do have their purpose.

Which blue light blocking glasses are best?

The Best Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic ReviewersTIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses. … MEETSUN Blue Light Blocking Glasses. … GAMMA RAY 003 Anti UV Glare Harmful Blue Light Computer Glasses. … ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Lightweight Glasses. … SOJOS Cat-Eye Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses.More items…•

Is it bad to wear blue light glasses all day?

Yes, it is okay to wear blue light glasses all day and doing so will not negatively affect you or your eyes. In fact, wearing blue light glasses all day will actually help protect your eyes and ensure that you are keeping them safe from harmful blue light exposure.

Do blue light glasses hurt your eyes at first?

Overall, the science seems to indicate that these glasses are not totally without purpose, but they also don’t prevent permanent eye damage (since the lights don’t produce the type of light linked to such damage in the first place). There is little evidence that blue light glasses prevent eye strain.

How do you know if blue light glasses work?

A good test at home is to pop your computer glasses on and see what colour the light is that is reflecting off the lenses. If its blue light that’s reflecting off them then you know they are filtering some blue light. … This way you will know if blue light is being filtered and whether you have the best computer glasses.

How long before bed should you wear blue light glasses?

about 3 hoursIt’s not necessary to wear these special types of lenses all day to get the sleep benefits of blue light reduction. Instead, most sleep experts will recommend swapping your normal specs for blue light blocking glasses about 3 hours before bedtime.

Do blue light blocking glasses actually work?

But do blue light glasses really work? The short answer: No. According to an American Academy of Ophthalmology report, “it’s not necessary to spend money on special [eyewear] for computer use.” “There’s really no evidence that [blue light glasses] help,” said Amir Mohsenin, M.D., Ph.

Should you wear blue light glasses to watch TV?

If you spend time watching television, be sure to slide your lenses on. … Blue light blocking lenses should be worn anytime you are using a screen or device that emits blue light. Keep your eyes healthy and reduce digital eye strain with a great pair of blue light blocking lenses.

Where is the best place to buy blue light glasses?

The 13 Best Places to Buy Blue Light Glasses OnlineRound Glasses. Zenni zennioptical.com. … Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Gamma Ray Optics amazon.com. … Blue Light Shield Glasses. J+S amazon.com. … Coxon Glasses. EyeBuyDirect eyebuydirect.com. … Wayfarer Glasses. Spektrum spektrumglasses.com. … Darian Clip-On Glasses. Muse glassesusa.com. … Liam Glasses. … Blue Light Blocking Glasses.More items…•

What to look for when buying blue light blocking glasses?

Look for glasses that block at least 90% of blue light. Lens color: The lens color can range from yellow to orange and even a dark red. The darkness of the lens is one indicator of how much blue light is blocked out. Darker lenses are better for nighttime use, while lighter lenses are better for daytime computer use.

What do I need to know about blue light glasses?

For that, blue light blocking glasses are very useful. They warm up the light, blocking out a bit to give your eyes a rest. They can relieve eye strain, which is their real value rather than the promise of simply blocking out blue light. So you might in fact be well served by getting some blue light blocking glasses.

Should you wear blue light glasses at night?

Especially at night, when our bodies need darkness to stimulate melatonin production, blue light blocking glasses can help all of us minimize the sleep-depriving, bio rhythm-altering damage blue light wavelengths cause. These built-in apps are a good idea in theory.

Can blue light glasses damage your eyes?

With all of that said, blue light glasses are fine to be worn even when you’re not exposed to digital screens (which is rare these days). As stated before, a blue light coating can only help you — wearing blue light glasses all the time will not hurt your eyes.

Can you wear blue light glasses while driving?

It is perfectly fine to wear your blue light glasses while driving and in fact it is actually good to do so. While driving you are exposed to artificial blue light. Our lens go a step further which will benefit you while driving.