Where Is The House At The Bay Link Awakening?

Link’s Awakening Once Link brings it to the Ghost’s House north of Toronbo Shores, the Ghost examines it before saying it is essentially unchanged from what it was when it was alive.

The Ghost then asks Link to bring it to its grave, which is located in the Koholint Prairie near the Graveyard..

NakuraNakura is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. This spirit is the ghost of a person who lived in a house near Toronbo Shores.

! L-l-lucky!” The Mermaid’s Necklace, referred to in-game simply as Necklace, is an item featured in Link’s Awakening as part of the fourteen-item Trading Sequence. Link obtains the Necklace by approaching the Fisherman Under the Bridge in Martha’s Bay with Fishing Hook in hand.

Where do I take the ghost in Zelda?

You might hear the ghost mention that they need to be taken to a certain house near the bay. The bay that the ghost refers to is Martha’s Bay, and there’s a tiny rundown house just west of Martha’s Bay, right near the point where the bay meets Toronbo Shores. Enter the house, and the ghost will roam around for a bit.

Who do I give the pineapple to?

The Pineapple is the seventh item in the game’s Trading Quest. It is received from the Chef Bear in Animal Village after giving her the Honeycomb for her dish. The Pineapple is later given to Papahl in Tal Tal Heights when he asks Link to give him something to eat. As thanks, Papahl gives him the Hibiscus.

Where do I take the pink ghost?

After visiting the house, you’re asked to go to the Pink Ghost’s cemetery grave location. This is located in the centre north of the map, between the Mambo’s Pond and Ukuku Prarie locations. Once there, the Pink Ghost will be laid to rest, and you’ll receive a Bottle for your trouble.

The very last portion of the Link’s Awakening trading quest is bringing the Scale to the Mermaid Statue. Located south of Martha’s Bay, you simply place the Scale on the statue. This reveals a secret cave entrance which houses the Magnifying Glass!

How do you get ghost flowers?

Ghost Flowers are a new type of currency, available only in New Game+, accepted by Baku the Voiceless. He will trade new dyes, armors and charms for Ghost flowers. They are rewarded to the player for completing tasks in New Game+ that have already been completed.

They are completely invulnerable to the sword, so the easiest way to defeat them is knocking them down into pits. They can be stunned by bombs. Vires are rare creatures that appear in only Turtle Rock. They swoop down at you or fly around shooting fireballs, which can be blocked with a sword swipe.

In Link’s Awakening, the Necklace is the twelfth item in the game’s Trading Quest. It is obtained from the Fisherman beneath the bridge in Martha’s Bay, after Link gives him the Fishing Hook. After giving him the Hook, the Fisherman promises to give Link his next catch, which happens to be the Necklace.

How do I get the magnifying glass in Zelda?

It is obtained from a hidden chest underneath the Mermaid Statue in Martha’s Bay, which can be moved using a scale given to Link by Martha. Its main use is to read the “true path” through the Wind Fish’s Egg. It can also be used to obtain the boomerang.

If Link uses the Pegasus Boots, they can come within range of Link’s sword before they ever have time to teleport out of reach; also, they may be defeated outright if Link charges at them with the Pegasus Boots while he has his sword equipped.

Find the Powerful BraceletFrom the entrance, go left and head up. … In this room, take out the Mask-Mimic and stand on the top right orange tile. … Bomb the wall on the right to enter the room with the stairs shown above. … Go up, open the chest, and get the Powerful Bracelet.

Shortly after you clear the Angler’s Tunnel dungeon in Link’s Awakening, an odd pink ghost will start following you around. Eventually, he’ll start dropping hints about what he wants. This guide will walk you through getting him home and claiming your reward.

To enter Catfish’s Maw, make your way to Animal Village and then leave the town to the west. Head up and left to find a staircase that leads into the water of Martha’s Bay. Swim down and left to find Catfish’s Maw. On the left side, there is a rock structure that Link can swim in between.

Grandma YahooThe Fishing Hook is an item acquired in Link’s Awakening as part of the fourteen-item Trading Sequence. Link obtains the Fishing Hook by speaking with Grandma Yahoo while having the Broom in his possession. She tells him that she found it while sweeping the river bank.

Link can defeat them by using the Roc’s Feather to jump near them and then swinging his sword; this is usually a long process however, making it simpler for Link to avoid them altogether.